In-house exhibitions
The studios can be used to hold exhibitions, something the local community welcomes very much. This is a great way to meet people from Steigen and visiting tourist. Every summer we host a curated exhibition, with work from some of the residing artists.

Pop-up exhibitions
Steigen is slowly growing into a tourist attraction, but in comparison to Lofoten it is still a lot of untouched nature and available spaces which can be used for all kinds of projects. This is something the residency does not administrate, but something you can do yourself in collaboration with the local community.


From time to time we or the residing  artists holds different kinds of workshops.

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Summer Exhibition 2020

Participating artists ; 

Arvid Pettersen, Linn Rebecka Åmo, Thor Arne Losnedahl, Toril Bonsaksen, Simone Hooymans, Thomas Sæverud

Summer Exhibition 2019

Participating artists ; 

Stein Koksvik, Helle Kaarem, Eva Bakkeslett, Rina Charlott Lindgren, Thomas Falstad, Suvi Nieminen, Caroline Kierulf, Annette Kierulf.

Summer Exhibition 2018

Participating artists ; Thomas Pihl, Anne Bente Totland, Regina Pedersen, Birgit Cauer, Sissel Fredriksen, Jan Koch.

Summer Exhibition 2017

Participating artists; Sissel Blystad, Rolf Monsen, Inga S. Søreide, Marion Angulanza, Thomas Kilppert, Bjørn Tore Stavang, Sigurd Søreide, Line Hvoslef

Summer exhibition 2016

Participating artists; Vemund Thoe, Natasja Askelund, Line Hvoslef, Ingrid Jangaard Ousland, Bernd Kirschner, Kamilla Sajetz Mathisen

Exhibition and workshop:

Home-Heimat-Hjem, June 2016


Life today often calls for a large flexibility, a geographic, social, mental, and physical mobility due to economic and political reasons. The change of residence that concerns refugees, migrant workers or others, similar to a nomadic lifestyle, leaves no time for social ties on site. Perhaps the somewhat old-fashioned term “homeland” now gets a new emotional significance in the areas of: identification, familiar circumstances of living and feeling at home.

What does home mean?

Do we need to feel at home in order to survive?

Is a home something that is inside or outside?

Is it a social construct and what does it serve?

Does home have a form (object, melody, sound, location, smell)?

Artist from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Norway will work together on this topic for 4 weeks. Also,  “wildcards” are to be distributed, with which we will invite artists to contribute to the topic “homeland”. The result will be presented at the end of their stay.

Time and place
The project will take place during a period of four weeks in early summer (13.06. -11.07.2016 ) at the Artist in Residency TARE, Leinesfjörden and the old trade mission Grötö, Norway. 

Trade missions serve “as a mediator or bridge to home”. They are not only responsible for importing goods (herbs, food, etc.) from distant lands. They also allow their guests to keep contact with their countries of origin, as they deliver mail, too.

The final exhibition will take place in the studios of the Residency TARE. Furthermore, performances and installations are planned to involve the public space of the village. The work should mainly address the visitors in an unexpected way and invite them into communication and reflection of the theme of “home” in everyday situations.

The theme lends itself to a wide range of collaborations. As part of a planned media co-operation the inhabitants of Nordland will be questioned what “home” means to them. There are workshops taking place as well as co-operations and interactive projects with schools,
clubs, and retirement homes. In addition, discussions in the public sphere are planned – philosophical readings, music concerts, and lectures are also on offer in Grötö.

Regional identity
Besides the general preoccupation with the subject “homeland”, the exhibition aims to refer to the people of Steigen – of today, but also of the past. A special emphasis will be laid on the diversity of the population
in all its facets.

Artists                                                                                                                                                                 Peter Bremer, Yvonne Halfens, Eva Bakkeslett, Line Hvoslef, Kiki Gebauer, Alda Snopek, Sibylla Weisweiler


Summer  exhibition 2015

Participating artists; Ronald Versloot, Lea Asja Pagenkemper, Grethe Unstad, LisBeth J. Sjøvoll, Line Hvoslef, Regina Pedersen, Eva Bakkeslett, Paul Dikker, RoyO Johansen, Synneva Heradstveit, Rita Marhaug