Tare Steigen Air 

Leinesfjordveien 35

8283 Leinesfjord


Contact: Line Hvoslef  (+47) 90978080,  line@hvoslef.no


The residency is situated in Tare Art Center in Steigen on the main land, inside the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. Placed thirty meters from the beach with a beautiful view to the sea, the mountains, eagles, whales, and the midnight sun.

Tare Steigen Air offers two residencies to professional artists and other creatives in the land of Aurora Borealis 

Steigen is a small community in the rural areas in north of Norway with less than 2500 inhabitants. The main village is Leinesfjord where the Art Center is situated. Traditional the living in Steigen has been based on fisheries and agriculture, but today aquaculture and tourism is fast growing businesses.

You may come by car, but remember that the distance from Oslo to Steigen is 1320 km, so we recommend transport by plane or train to Bodø. Coming from abroad, you will most likely have to go through Oslo.

It is only a 20 minute WALK from the airport, and even shorter from the railway station, to Sentrumsterminalen in Hålogalandsgata.

There you will find a bus or catamaran to Steigen.



The Art center in March


We have three separate studio spaces and bedrooms, each with its own entrance. The small workshop, bathroom and the combined kitchen and living room is shared by the residing artists. In the summer you have to expect that the other studios are used by one or more fellow artists. If you prefer to work with less people around, we suggest that you book your stay in the period between October and March. This is the time when the sky and the light is at its most magnificent, and the chance of witnessing the Northern Light is   most probable.

STUDIO 1  100 m²

This is the largest studio, and can easily be shared by two or three artists. The space is perfect for workshops, exhibitions, artist talks, concerts and video projections.


STUDIO 2  55 m²

Suitable for a fine artist (all media) or a craft artist. With linoleum covering on floor and white wooden walls with large windows overlooking the sea and landscape towards the north.


STUDIO 3  50 m²

This studio is still under construction and will be a rougher studio with concrete flooring and white wooden walls with large windows overlooking the landscape towards the north.


Work i progrès in Studio 1


Work in progrès in Studio 2


Combined kitchen and living room. You will find all you need for cooking here.


Simple but cosy place to relax.


Bathroom with shower and washing machine. All towels and linnen are included.


One of three bedrooms.


There are a lot of fantastic hiking possibilities in Steigen!


Summer is short but intense!

Read more about Artist in residence here.


TARE Steigen air is run by the non-commercial Foundation Grøtøy Gamle Handelssted where Line Hvoslef is art-manager of TARE and Trond Lohne is chairman of the board.

Trond and Line live in the mansion of Grøtøy. In 1692 the Schøning-family established a trade center on Grøtøy and kept it going until 1923. In the mid of 1800 Grøtøy was the biggest trade center in the north of Norway.In 1863 they put up the third mansion which in those days was considered to be the most beautiful home north of the polar circle

In the summer months and on some other occasions, residing artists are invited to join us in the mansion.From the old garden we can enjoy the view over the artic mountains under the midnight sun, or under the Stella Borealis during winter time.

The Museum
Open every Sunday from late June till mid-august at 11.00, 12.00 and 13.00.
We take you for a guided tour through the mansion while your host tell you about the artic cod, the Schøning family and Grøtøy.
You end up in the dining-room where you will be served coffee or tea and todays cake.

The roundtrip and serving last for 2 hours.
Price NOK 250 Children under 10 for free.
Maximum 15 and minimum 6 adults each trip.

The mansion is also open for visits other days on request (the day before).

The mansion includes 13 bedrooms and 3 grand living rooms, with all the furniture and interior intact. The building is protected under the National Heritage Act.

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The surroundings are just fantastic ;